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Available Tax Liens

The public has an opportunity to place a tax lien on the remaining parcels that are listed under tax lien auction list on this web site. Please contact our office if you are interested in placing a tax lien on any of the remaining parcels that you may be interested in or e-mail us a list of the parcels we will then give you a dollar amount that will need to be submitted to our office. Payment should be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.

For your convenience we have made available an Assessor’s Area Map. This map will give you locations of parcels throughout Navajo County,Click on this link to access.

In order to purchase a tax certificate you must be a registered investor with the Navajo County Treasurer’s Office. Registration is free. If you’re a first time investor you will need to fill out the CP Holder Information sheet and the IRS Form W9.

This list is now updated immediately, however, it is possible that parcels listed may not be available if the owner redeems the outstanding amount due.

If you are interested in purchasing a lien please call the treasurer’s office for total amount due at:

(928) 524-4172


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Parcel ID YearRoll #Purchase PriceLegal Text
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103-08-0502012409$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 50
103-08-0512012410$97.18WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 51
103-08-0542007411$64.36WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 54
103-08-0542009411$58.44WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 54
103-08-0542010411$55.30WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 54
103-08-0542011413$52.60WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 54
103-08-0542012413$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 54
103-08-1202012448$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 120
103-08-1252007451$64.36WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-12520081082$57.74WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-1252009451$58.44WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-1252010451$55.30WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-1252011453$52.60WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-1252012453$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 125
103-08-1372011464$52.60WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 137
103-08-1372012464$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 137
103-08-1442011471$52.60WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 144
103-08-1442012471$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 144
103-08-1512012478$53.12WEST WINSLOW #2 LOT 151
103-11-017B2012535$124.22KACHINA VISTA:S 190' OF LOT 14

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