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Navajo County Board of Supervisors Adopts New Outdoor Fire Ordinance

HolBrook, Az (March 25, 2014)— In preparation for northeastern Arizona's upcoming fire season, the Navajo County Board of Supervisors today approved a new Outdoor Fire Ordinance for unincorporated areas of Navajo County, which redefines what activities are allowed outdoors during fire restrictions, refines the process for moving among the levels of fire restrictions, and sets forth the civil and criminal penalties for violations.



HolBrook, Az—Navajo County Sheriff's Deputies are continuing a very aggressive training and certification agenda during the 2014 calendar year. The Sheriff's Office has already conducted rifle and shotgun qualifications during the month of February, and now they are just putting on the final touches to a rigorous CPR certification which is required every other year for deputies.


Navajo County Moves to New Technology for Job Applications

HolBrook, March 11,2014—Navajo County has launched a new software system to improve the hiring process for job seekers looking for employment with the County. With the new system, job seekers are able to quickly apply online to numerous positions currently open via Interested candidates can apply for current vacancies or sign up for new openings that become available.

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